I am interested in being a future board member!

  • I identify as female and am aged 18-25 living in Canada
  • I would like to contribute to my community by serving on a Board
  • I am ambitious, goal-oriented and motivated
  • I understand that this is an unpaid position
  • I do not currently serve on a Board
Application For Future Board Member

I am interested in coaching a young woman!*

  • I live in Canada
  • I have previously served / I am currently serving on a Board?
  • I can commit approximately 5 hours per month for a at least 1 year

* If you have applied as a coach and haven’t heard back from us within 2 weeks, please send us an email.

Application For Coaches

We are interested in helping a young woman become a leader!

  • Are you interested in empowering young people?
  • Are you interested in welcoming a trained, coached and vetted young woman to serve as a Board member?
  • Are you committed to inclusion and diversity?
Board Application

About Girls On Boards

Young women (18+), who graduate from Bootcamp For Brains or are high potential leaders will complete the DiverseCity onBoard online governance training platform.  They will then be assessed and placed on community volunteer boards.  This program is designed to enhance the leadership of community boards to include trained and supported young women.

In partnership with DiverseCity onBoard we will create opportunities for young women to serve on social profit boards across Canada. This program identifies, trains, and facilitates the placement of qualified individuals in governance roles by providing affordable online governance training that is available to everyone, anywhere.